Aug 13 2011


Before I move on to more recent outfit posts, let me share with you how I prepared for the Preview Ball last month and some other pre/post ball photos. Forgive me for this backlog, I just want to post every thing from last month before I formally begin ‘updating’ ha ha. Yep, I’m OC like that. Moving on!

The theme of the ball, as I’ve said, was the 70s so immediately I researched on hair and makeup pegs. I guess the wardrobe was the easiest since I work with clothes everyday plus the 70s trend isn’t exactly uncommon especially with the huge comeback of wide legs and platforms. So I figured I’d start out with the hair:


This was my peg, a photo I found online (sorry I forget where). Since the dress Cams sent me had a cape detail, I knew I had to wear my hair up and this was the perfect ‘do! I wanted something loose, not so neatly tied, and romantic. I needed high volume too since my hair is quite thin. Also, let’s not forget the side part! As for the makeup, I just opted for something simple and clean but the artist insisted on doing smokey on me since my eyes are humongous - exactly why I’m named Hazel (eyes), which she finished off with some Barbie pink lips. 

Et voilà:


                        Yay! Thanks to Bambi & Mark of FIX Podium and Jess of Shiseido!

                      Jess said her forte is the smokey eyes. What do you guys think? :)


Here are more photos from that night:


                                                               Cams and I


                                                    with Cams, Kryz and Laur


   Last 2 photos taken by Camera Capo. Thanks for sending me this high res photo!

Till my next,


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